Relationships between Orthodontic Societies and Commercial Dental Companies.


CDC Advertising should not be present in any Web Site of Orthodontic Societies and this practice in social media should not be allowed making our efforts to control this circumstance by communicating any fact like this to competent authorities (National Dental Council, Consumers´Associations …for example).


Clarification of commercial links of the Speakers in Scientific meetings of our Societies should be always required as a mandatory rule by the organizing Committees of the events. These Committees would be responsible for controlling hidden commercial messages from any Speaker and penalize any fact like this.


A: It is convenient to recognize the participation of CDC in our Meetings in different ways:

Certificate of acknowledgement, appreciation and cooperation with our Societies.
Classification of sponsorship: Platinum, Gold, Silver, etc.

B: To avoid overlapping of activities of both entities regarding dates and places of events.

For this reason, the communication between Entities should be fluent :
Before the meetings to inform properly the CDC about dates, places and Scientific Programs of events and to show them the facilities. A Commercial Hall, free for them as a courtesy, could be offered for the use of the Commercial Speakers from CDC.

C: Pressure from CDC in relation to Speakers or organization of events should not be allowed by Societies in any way. The presence of CDC Delegates in commercial areas of the meetings should be linked to their participation with a Stand to avoid discrimination with other CDC.


Independence and autonomy of the Board Members of the Orthodontic Societies should be ideal for the image and prestige of the Societies. The discrimination of the rest of CDC should also be considered when a Board member selects one of them to work with. The CDC should be treated in the same conditions and under the same parameters and criteria by the Societies. We must be aware that the Board members represent the Societies.

Any entrepreneurial activity or commercial link of a potential Board member should be known in advance by the Board of the Societies and they will decide to accept it or not considering the general interest and image of the Society.