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EFOSA General Assembly Meeting

FEO president Dr. Silvia Allegrini attended the EFOSA General Assembly Meeting at the invitation of Julian O’Neill, EFOSA president. Dr. Allegrini had the opportunity to present FEO at the meeting and to introduce a new Committee on the Code of Ethics. This was well received, especially as it was followed by discussion on the impact of commercial enterprises on our profession and what we can do about it, with an interesting report from Brent Larson, current AAO president.

Spanish  Society  of  Orthodontics 

From June 6-9, 2018, the 64th annual SEDO meeting in Tarragona will be held. The topic of the meeting will be: Orthodontic  Surgery  and  Orthodontics,  Lingual Orthodontics,  Interdisciplinary  Orthodontics,    Esthetics  and  Orthodontics,  Perio-Ortho.